North America Corporate Headquarters


At our Corporate Headquarters, based in Delaware, we manage overall performance of the company jointly between North America and the Middle East. We focus on financial performance (budgeting, forecasting, attainment), strategic planning, market analysis, business development, and capture planning. Our North America Headquarters (HQ), seamlessly with our Middle East HQ, provides exceptional leadership of Dari’s core team of subject matter experts and leads the company with strategic vision and business acumen, building new and innovative market capture strategies, product expansion initiatives as well as seeking out and maintaining strategic alliance opportunities.

UK Headquarters


Our UK Headquarters, based in London, focuses on supporting our NATO partners and European-based commercial clients. They work closely with our HQ teams to support program management, strategic growth and monitoring of security across the globe.

Additionally, our UK HQ team manages our vast network of suppliers throughout the region to maintain the efficient, cost-effective global supply chain channels used for raw materials and transportation equipment for our operations throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Middle East Headquarters


Our Middle East HQ is comprised of a team of seasoned industry professionals who provide procedural oversight to our logistics and tactical teams on the ground and deploy to provide strategic expertise for select operations. Our team maintains current intelligence regarding geopolitical and economic activities in the areas in which our company and subsidiaries operate, providing strategic consult to our clients and personnel.

Working closely with our North America HQ Team, the Management Team based in the Middle East focuses on the same overall performance of the company, paired with assuring client satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

North America Offices

Washington, D.C. | Virginia | Tennessee

Our East Coast Management Team, based in the Washington, D.C. area, is our operational branch that coordinates all U.S. corporate requirements to include: taxes, legal and financial requirements, business development and proposal management, and general business operations compliance. Our President spends a significant amount of time at this Office and our robust East Coast presence allows for ease of supporting our clients along this coast. 

Our Virginia Office supports our HQ Teams in business development and account management for our East Coast client base.

Our team in Tennessee provides logistics support to our teams on the ground and works closely with HQ on ensuring close compliance with all applicable policies and regulations.

Iraq / Syria Offices

Baghdad | Erbil

Our Iraq / Syria Management Team focuses on successfully conducting operations in these complex environments from a local base, working closely with our HQ Teams. From this office, we manage our local fleet and personnel, and strictly monitor any changes to local operational requirements, atmospherics, and legal and regulatory shifts. 

Uganda Office


Located in Kampala, our Uganda Office Team focuses on business development, identifying new clients, creating new projects and delivery of operations across the region while working closely with our HQ Operations Teams.

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Contact Us

If you would like any further information regarding Dari Concepts’ services feel free to contact us.

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